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-Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colors, gauges and profiles.  If you are interested contact us and we can advise you on the best Metal Roof to fit your needs and budget.

-Metal roofing is designed for roof slopes of 4:12 and more.  Meaning that for every 12 inches up the roof the slope raises 4 inches.  Anything under a 4:12 a low slope roof system is recommended.


Pro-Panel II Profile



Standing Seam Profile
24 Gauge Bonderized Standing Seam
24 Gauge Bonderized Standing Seam

Corrugated Profile

Home build by Aaron Magee.
Home build by Aaron Magee.

Before and After

Before – Wood Slats


After – Cedar Shingles


Before – Asphalt Shingles


After – Fern Green Pro-Panel II


Before – R-Panel Metal & Tarp


After – Tan TPO Roof System


Before – Tar and Gravel (BUR)

After TPO




During – Adding pitch to the roof

Decked – Almost Done

After – Applying aluminum roof coating

Before – Foam Roof

After – New slope and deck

Before – Canale installment

After – New Canale

Before – Rivera Funeral Home

After – Rivera Funeral Home




TPO is a high quality thermoplastic polyolefin.  Generally used as a commercial roofing product, TPO is becoming more and more popular with residential building.


-A maintenance free roof system.
-Ability to add R-Value with roof replacement and new construction.
-Energy star rated.
-Cleanest roof system for water catchment.


Taos Middle School

White TPO Roof System
White TPO Roof System

Taos VA Building

Tan TPO Roof System
Tan TPO Roof System

Taos Ancianos Building

New Tan TPO Roof System
New Tan TPO Roof System

TPO – Questa Middle School

DensDeck, TPO underlayment

Fully adhered TPO valley

Finished TPO valley

Adding Pitch to a Low Slope (FLAT) Roof

One of the most difficult aspects of building in Northern New Mexico is the FLAT ROOF.  Why such a thing exists? We don’t know, but at Collignon Roofing we know how to make it function properly.

Although it is considered a “flat” roof it should still have enough of a pitch to allow the moisture on the roof to drain.  Unfortunately, that is not the case for many of the homes in this area.  If there is standing water on a roof it is going to find its way into the house causing water damage to the interior of the home and creating the perfect place for mold to grow.

If you have a roof that does not function properly we can create a new system for you with the proper drainage.

Foam roof before slope is added

The new slope of the roof

Other side – Before

New slope added – After

In some cases adding a bigger slope isn’t enough and additional drainage points are needed, such as a new canale or larger overhang. If that is the case we do that too!

Canale installment – Before

New Canale – After

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen, in the Taos area also know as Brai, is the most popular roof system for low slope roofs in the area.  It is used on both commercial and residential projects.


Cid’s Food Market – Taos, NM

Martinez Hacienda – Taos, NM

Blumenschein Museum – Taos, NM

Rivera Funeral Home – Taos, NM